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Village Beautification



The Village Beautification Committee is comprised of volunteers whose efforts are geared toward beautifying our Village.  The goals of the Committee include retaining our small town charm and creating a unique environment which will help us maintain a thriving downtown business climate.

The Committee focuses on our downtown as well as the parks throughout the Village.  They are responsible for planning and carrying out the details required in connection with the planting of flowers in spring and fall, choosing hanging baskets and wreaths, and holiday decorations.  The Committee has met with the Board of Trustees, Planning Board and Downtown Revitalization Committee to discuss and choose new street and park lighting, trash receptacles, park benches and appropriate planter boxes. 

Meetings, both for discussion purposes and actual planting and decorating days are traditionally held on Saturday mornings at 9:00 at Village Hall.  Scheduled dates are posted on the website and in the Farmingdale Observer as well as notification via email to members of the Committee.

All residents of the Village are welcome to become part of the Beautification Committee in one or more ways:  attend our meetings, help with preparation and planting on designated days, donate supplies and refreshments on “beautification work” days, contribute to the Village Beautification account.


Beautification Committee Info:


New volunteers are encouraged

to leave their name at Village Hall or 

email Trustee Cheryl Parisi at:


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