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Permits and Applications

For the convenience of our residents, the Village of Farmingdale is currently in the process of adding important forms, permits and applications to our website.

You can now access and complete these forms at any time, any day - right from your keyboard.

Please note that while you can access and type in your information, there are no
e-mail capabilities as of yet, as many of the forms require signatures, notary seals and/or payments. Therefore, after completing the form, you must print it and mail it to the Village (or print a blank form to be filled out in ink).

A Print button is provided at the end of some of the applications. If that is not compatible with your browser, use the Print icon located at the top of your browser screen, or the File menu (file/print).

Click on the links below to access the desired form. The link will open in a new browser window. Simply close the window to return here.



Absentee Ballot Application - Village Election
  Solicitud de boleta electoral en ausencia de Village of Farmingdale
  Voter Registration – English
  Voter Registration – Spanish
Change of Ownership for Water and Village Tax Billing
Application for a Building Permit

Farmingdale Railroad Station Village Resident Parking Application

*Please download file first, then TYPE information before printing out.

If you are unsure if your residence is located within the Village please click HERE to display the Village map. If your village residence is not the address that is printed on your vehicle registration, you must also supply a utility bill such as National Grid (LIPA) or apartment rental agreement as proof. 

  Railroad Parking Map

Farmingdale Railroad Station Non-Resident Parking Application

There is currently a waiting list for applicants that reside outside the Incorporated Village.  Village hall is now establishing a new waitlist.  Please call village hall (516-249-0093) for more information or to add your name.

Motor Vehicle Dealers - Secondhand
Permit Application - Water Supply (CHAP. 102) Road Opening (CHAP. 86)
Application for Permit to Construct a Fence
Application for Permit to Erect a Sign/Awning
Affidavit of Final Cost of Construction-
Application for Certificate of Occupancy

Application for a Landscaping Permit

Water District Meter Reading
Site Plan Application

Farmingdale Village Color Palette (Five pages total)

- Village of Farmingdale Color Palette for Signs and Lettering

- Facade and Trim Color Chart

- Awning Color Chart

*Note: Printers and monitors will alter the look of the color selection. Color choice must be presented to Architectural Review Board (ARB) for approval.

  Architectural Design Application Criteria
  Foil Request
  Application for Use of Village Property
Final Water Bill Request
Application for Death Certificate
  Demolition Permit Application
  Demolition Permit Application II
  Facade Improvement Application
  Hydrant Flow Test Application
  Outdoor Dining Application
  Plumbing Application
  Sewer Application
  Sidewalk Application

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